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Ombre Brows goes by several names including: Powder Brows, Microshading. This technique utilizes a specially designed semi-permanent makeup pen to quickly deposit pigment into the brow to create a powder-like effect.


“Ombre” simply refers to the way in which we build the color; lighter in the fronts of the brows and gradually becoming darker as we work toward the tails for a natural effect.


Perfect for dry, normal and oily skin types.


Average results can last 18 to 36 months depending on skin type, health, and lifestyle.

Appointment length: 2.5- 3 hours

$897 $899

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***As long as shape is still visible and only for those who had original work done with us. If the shape is not visible, you will have to book an initial session. If you’re unsure, please email photos of your eyebrows to for evaluation.**

**PLEASE NOTE: Prior to your artist performing this service, you will be asked to complete a digital medical history and service consent form, and upload a picture of your government issued ID with your date of birth (ID is required for ALL clients receiving this service per New York City Health Department regulations). The digital platform we utilize is HIPPA compliant. No exceptions.

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Anyone over the age of 18 in good health.

  • If you are under the age of 18, we cannot provide you with microblading services even if you have a parent’s consent.
  • Pregnant and nursing women.
  • Anyone with open sores, psoriasis, or eczema in the area to be worked on.
  • Individuals using blood thinners of any kind, especially long term, or those with blood disorders may have difficulty with bleeding and/or bruising and this can affect the healing process. The application of permanent makeup requires implanting color into the skin, and the aforementioned conditions could interfere with depositing the color. You must consult your doctor and provide documentation from your physician stating you are cleared to receive microblading services.
  • Diabetics may experience a more difficult time with healing and must obtain written consent from a physician stating your health will not be compromised should you undergo the permanent makeup procedure.
  • The use of Retin-A or similar retinoids must be stopped 7 days prior to your procedure and cannot resume for another 30 days after.
  • If you have an Autoimmune Disease, please consult your physician and obtain a letter stating you are cleared to receive microblading.
  • Those who suffer from epilepsy need a physician’s approval prior to the procedure.
  • AHA’s: (lactic, glycolic, citric, retinoic and tartaric acids) or any OTC creams and lotions for tone correcting, anti-aging, exfoliating, fading can discolor your permanent makeup. 
  • Flu or Cold: Please stay home, reschedule your appointment if you have cold or flu or sinus/respiratory infection.
  • Coumadin: Amount of bleeding and response to topical epinephrine will determine coverage per appointment. If excessive bleeding occurs, extra appointments may be necessary for desired outcome or procedure may not be effective.
  • Cancers/Chemotherapy: Doctor’s clearance may be necessary.
  • Juvederm or other “fillers”: Get permanent makeup first or ask your juvederm tech for clearance.
  • Shingles (varicella): If you have shingles on your face, wait several months to get permanent makeup. 
  • Eye Lift or blepharoplasty: Wait about 3 months.
  • Please DO NOT consume alcohol 24 hours before your appointment and NO caffeine the day of your appointment.
  • 3-5 days before your appointment, gently exfoliate your brows with a washcloth, loofah, Luv Scrub or any gentle physical exfoliant you may have in very light circular motions to rid the brows of any dead skin build-up. Make sure to moisturize daily with a gentle moisturizer to keep your lips soft and supple.
  • With the permission of your physician, please do NOT take any blood thinners or fish oils for at least 48 hours prior to your appointment, as these items can cause you to bleed excessively. Again, please make sure to speak with your physician prior to stopping the use of any blood thinning agents.


While everyone’s pain tolerance varies, we do our best to minimize any discomfort you may feel by using topical numbing agents. You are welcome to take an Advil or Tylenol prior to your appointment, but NOT Aspirin.


Ladies, your sensitivity increases when you are menstruating. Please keep this in mind when booking your appointments.

  • Brows are cleansed.
  • Pictures are taken.
  • We go over all paperwork together and discuss what to expect from the appointment, as well as your aftercare instructions.
  • Natural brows are assessed and pigment colors are swabbed on the forehead to choose the best natural color and we go over where your natural brows begin, peak and end.
  • Shape is drawn on to provide a guideline for where the hair strokes are placed and both client and artists will agree upon the best shape and stray hairs are removed.
  • Numbing is applied prior to the microblading procedure. For ombre/powder, it is applied after skin is opened.
  • Work begins on brows with the artist reposting color into your brow via microblading hand tool or ombre/powder brow machine.
  • During the process, an additional numbing agent is applied to reduce discomfort.
  • Once complete, after photos are taken.
  • Clients are given an aftercare kit for at home use.
  • The entire process is approximately 2 hours for microblading and 3 hours for ombre/powder. 
  • *Your touch-up appointment is scheduled for approximately 6-8 weeks after initial appointment for optimal results. 
  • On the day of your appointment, dab your brows every 1-2 hours until bedtime with the pads we provide. Right before heading to bed, apply a thin layer of the skin protectant.
  • Starting the day after your appointment, you will cleanse your brows in the morning and right before bed with the cleanser we’ve provided using a dabbing. Throughout the day you will apply a rice grain size amount of the skin protectant 3-4 times daily as needed. Follow these steps for 14 days. **Cleanser and skin protectant will be provided to you.**
  • Be careful with how you sleep, especially if you are a side or stomach sleeper because you don’t want to put any pressure or accidentally rub your brows while sleeping.
  • Avoid submerging your face in water (includes the shower, pools, beach, etc) for 14 days. If you need to clean your brows, do so by only using water on a clean cloth and patting the brows.
  • DO NOT peel or pick at your brows during the healing process, as it may damage the skin and cause scar tissue, and prematurely remove pigment. 
  • Avoid eyebrow tinting for 7 days before and at least 3 weeks after your session.
  • Avoid excessive sweating (WORKING OUT), pools, sun tanning and tanning beds for 14 days.
  • Do NOT ever use any anti-aging products, exfoliants (chemical or mechanical) or Retin A on or around the brow area.
  • ***PLEASE NOTE: Color will be lost during the healing process. This is common for everyone. How much color will differ from person to person, so please do not stress out about this. During your touch up session 6-8 weeks after the initial session, we will perfect your shape and color where necessary.
  • Your brows WILL BE DARKER the day after your session for up to 7-10 days while you’re healing.
  • Scabbing/flaking is normal and will vary from client to client. During this process you may lose pigment. This is normal. Please DO NOT pick or peel your brows, as you can remove all of your pigment. Let them peel on their own. 
  • If your brows feel tight, dry or itchy, simply apply a rice grain size amount of the protectant we gave you. Do not over do it! Scabs that are too moist or have too much protectant will prematurely fall off and pull the color out with it. Be sparing. Please.

We use several different cosmetic tattoo pigment and topical anesthetic brands for our procedures. Should you require a copy of the MSDS, we can provide that to you by request.

How To Prepare For Your Appointment

  • No alcohol 24 hours prior to your appointment
  • Discontinue the use of blood thinners and fish oils 48 to 72 hours prior to your appointment after confirming it is kay with your doctor
  • No caffeine the day of your appointment (coffee, tea, soda) 
  • Vitamins D3 and Collagen are suggested to aid in healing (consult with your physician or nutritionist first)
  • Gently exfoliate your brows 3-5 days before your appointment using a brow brush/ mascara wand and your cleanser
  • Do Not book your appointment during:

-important meetings

-major events

-right before your birthday celebration

-right before traveling









A debit or credit card is required to reserve an appointment and will be charged at least 50% of the cost of the service to reserve your selected appointment date and time. This booking fee is non-refundable but is transferable should you provide at least 48 hours notice for cancellations. Anything less than 48 hours notice will be subject to forfeiture of the booking fee. 



While we understand life happens, we are only able to give a 15 minute grace period should you be running late, and your service time will be reduced by 15 minutes where possible. Please understand we must be respectful of our other clients’ time, as well as, our own personal time. Arriving more than 15 minutes late will be considered a no-show and you will be subject to our cancellation policy above. Thank you for your understanding.



Our goal is to always provide a peaceful, loving environment, so please adhere to the no children or additional guests guidelines, as we must strictly enforce this to ensure the tranquility of our boutique spa space for all guests receiving services. Clients not adhering to this request will forfeit their booking fee and will not be serviced. No exceptions.


As we all know, Covid-19 is a virus with a very high transmission rate. With that said, the Color Lab NYC team continues to work diligently at reducing the possibility of virus transmission by: disinfecting our space in between clients, wearing proper protective equipment, testing regularly for Covid-19, and requiring ALL clients to adhere to the following policies: 

As we all know, Covid-19 is a virus with a very high transmission rate. With that said, the Color Lab NYC team continues to work diligently at reducing the possibility of virus transmission by: disinfecting our space in between clients, wearing proper protective equipment, testing regularly for Covid-19, and requiring ALL clients to adhere to the following policies: